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Logo Design

Logo design is so important. When Tropicana decided to switch their logo and packaging on their cartons of orange juice, consumers described the new packaging as "ugly" or "stupid," and resembling a "store brand." Eventually, Pepsico reverted back to the old carton design after receiving enough feedback to warrant the change.

When I design a logo and graphic identity standards for a company, I do a lot of research to understand the company's niche and consumers. A well-designed logo should help position a company inside it's niche as being the best choice for meeting a consumer's need.

This year in 2011, I will be featured in the TrademarksUSA design book by David E. Carter.


New York / New Jersey


  • Awwwards.com - 2011

    Design Mention

  • Maggie Award - 2011

    Outstanding logo design

  • TrademarksUSA - 2011

    Published in logo book, TrademarksUSA

  • Creativity 33 - 2004

    Published in Creativity 33.

  • Outstanding Graphic Design Award - 2003

    Presented by California State University of Fullerton

  • Silver Medal, Undergrad Design Competition - 2002

    Presented by California State University of Fullerton


W3 Certification

B.F.A. Graphic Design 2003

Cal State University, Fullerton