About Me

When I tell people I'm a designer, they often ask, "what kind?" That's like asking a musician what kind of musician they are... if someone is a musician well... they're a musician. A person might play different instruments, but they can probably pick things up quickly because they understand music theory.

It's the same with being a designer. Am I a web designer? Yes. Am I a print designer? Yes. Am I a mobile app designer? Yes. These are simply different funnels for the same design language. Being able to 'play' multiple 'instruments' may require different skills, but if you're adept, you know how to make music.

When a designer designs something (whether it be a mobile app or an annual report), the designer uses the same skill set to determine visual hierarchy, relationships between elements, and where someone should look. The designer guides the viewer to pick up the phone, or tap a button. They think about what someone will see first, second, third, and how visual design supports a primary message that causes someone to take action. The designer thinks about how a great UI design can have an impact on a real customer experience and alleviate an influx of support calls.

It's 2021, and we live in a digital age. Designers need to understand how design applies across all traditional and digital forms of communication from wireframes to websites and everything in between.

Visual design is often thought of as the icing on the cake at the end. Nope. Someone has to design the cake, and that comes at the beginning as a sketch on a napkin.

Do I like what I do? I get to figure out how to help drive new business through visual communication. Who wouldn't want to do that?

Where I am now

At Selective Insurance (NASDAQ: SIGI), I'm responsible for ensuring our visual brand identity is consistent on web, mobile, video, email, and social channels. I design Selective's Annual Report and ESG report on an annual basis, and create prototypes to help improve Selective's mobile app and self-service portal. I work with many talented people and am thankful to be a part of making the magic happen at Selective. I'm blown away by the talent at Selective and I love collaborating with others on a variety of projects. I couldn't do what I do without the wonderful talented people I get to work with every day.