About Me


Being a designer is a lot like being a musician. If you ask a musician what instrument they play, they might tell you they play guitar. They might not tell you they play different instruments, write music, record music, and pick up a different instrument to play depending on the needs of a song or event.

It's the same with being a designer. Am I a web designer? Yes. Am I a print designer? Yes. Am I a mobile app designer? Yes. Being able to play multiple design 'instruments' requires different skills. As a designer, I aways try to use the best tools I can for every project I work on.

When I design something for digital or print, I use the same skill set to determine visual hierarchy, relationships between elements, and where someone should look. I strive to visually communicate what someone should see first, second, third, fourth, and how visual elements should support a primary message - ultimately causing someone to take action. I think about how a great UI design can herald a better customer experience and alleviate an influx of support calls.

It's 2023, and we live in a digital age. Designers need to understand how design applies across all traditional and digital forms of communication - from wireframes to websites and everything in between.

Visual design is often thought of as "making things look pretty." It's viewed as the icing on the cake. But who designs the cake?  Design is essential from the start. When a cake is created, a visual reference is often used to ensure the final result matches the original design.

Where I am now

At Selective Insurance (NASDAQ: SIGI), I'm responsible for ensuring our visual brand identity is consistent on web, mobile, video, email, and social channels. Most of what I do is digital and interactive. I designed Selective's mobile app and customer self service portal. I love collaborating with others on a variety of projects and I couldn't do what I do without the wonderful, talented people I get to work with every day.